Welcome to the Dual Career Network Rhineland!


We offer help and support to dual career couples in the Rhineland.

In the course of their career, scientists often find that considerable demands are made on them in terms of flexibility and mobility. At the same time, the number of "Dual Career Couples", i.e. (university educated) couples both pursuing their individual careers, is steadily on the rise. One partnerĀ“s decision to relocate for professional reasons is increasingly dependent on whether attractive career opportunities also exist in the area for his or her spouse.

A winning team - you as a couple and we as a network

The universities and research institutions who make up the Dual Career Network Rhineland all have the same objective: to attract exceptional scientists to the Rhineland, not only to offer them outstanding working facilities, but also to enable them to achieve a realistic balance between the demands of work and family.

In order to achieve this goal, the members of the Dual Career Network Rhineland offer support to you as a partner to further your own career development in the Rhineland. Together we have formed the Dual Career Network Rhineland to present you with additional options to match your individual qualification profile.